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The Team

Who We Are

Alžbeta Kapraľová

Communication & Partnerships

 My specialization is in the circular systems for the fashion industry. I worked on rental concept Šumné, first library of clothes on the Slovak market. Now I continue writing articles about related topics for Slovak audiences, because I believe the future of fashion is sustainable.

+421 944 751 702

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Adam Bolcsó

Research & Sustainable Development

I am interested in development of sustainable business ventures and systemic innovations. To create truly sustainable production, all of the facets of the business have to come under equal scrutiny. The challenge is in optimizing these systems so they provide additional value on top of being sustainable.

+421 917 304 590

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Tomáš Tóth

Material Development

My area of expertise covers the whole process from design to production. I am interested in finding new perspectives for traditional materials in forward-thinking climate. My aim is to establish the whole supply chain, from raw material production to manufacturing, developing seed-to-product solutions.

+421 918 952 880

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Michal Kapraľ

Agriculture expert

I have always been fascinated by the natural systems and how to preserve them. I am enrolled in the "Mladý farmár" programme since 2021 and I manage ∼200ac of varied crops. Most of the fields have not been cultivated in years and serve as a great start for implementing regenerative methods.

+421 917 542 001

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