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Hello, we are Kannalab and we are searching for partners to develop meaningful, circular "from farm to fiber" systems. 


We are offering practical implementation and demonstration on our farm located in a pristine biogeographical area. Our farm is located near national park Poloniny (Carpathian mountains and medieval forests). With that in mind, we are focusing on regenerative farming, which means that any activity needs to be beneficial to the environment and wildlife. Our aim is to develop a sustainable system, that is unique to and represents the environment it was established in.


To design meaningful projects, we focus on the issues we encountered so far, such as: reciprocally dealing with the wildlife (avoiding hunting and chemicals); dealing with underdeveloped infrastructure and local policies; and the most prominent issue is how to create harmless and sustainable revenue streams for funding innovation projects in this area, and creating small scale farms and production facilities for it, and creating real life examples for alternative sources of income in underdeveloped regions.


We could also include local communities and authorities, that could potentially create a bigger ecosystem for this region.

We believe the future lies in collaboration and we are committed to create meaningful partnerships along the way.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information or simply to connect.

Thanks for submitting!

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