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Farms, Labs and Communities

Welcome to KannaLab, a new initiative in hemp farming innovation and material development

At KannaLab, we want to facilitate a diverse range of initiatives focused on fostering sustainable agriculture, material innovation, and community engagement.


One of our flagship projects involves the development of an organic hemp farm, alongside the cultivation of other crops using sustainable practices.

As our name suggests, one of our core values as an organization is exploration of alternative approaches to solving


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Material Development

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Our farm is situated in the East of Slovakia, near a place that is home to the primeval forest in Central Europe.

This natural gem is is being continually ransacked and pillaged for wood, even after the area has been authorized as a National Nature Reserve.

Not to mention the harmful and widespread monocultural cultivation of aptly named rapeseed crops. 

We would like to initiate the new wave of organic and sustainable agriculture, by spearheading agricultural practices, that would not only be harmless to the surrounding environment, but would also be able to gradually regenerate the landscape, and become the model for positive change.

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