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The future of fashion starts with
a seed


We believe true sustainability begins at the farm, where raw material is being grown. Our aim is to develop hemp textiles that are truly sustainable, starting with the regenerative agricultural practices, and focusing on eco-friendly processing and production methods.

We grow our hemp in the East of Slovakia, on the borders of once pristine national park Poloniny. This is one of the main reasons for our focus on sustainable practices, so our cultivation will not harm the surrounding environment. In fact these practices could help improve the overall health of the soil and protect biodiversity of the region.

Innovating a tradition is the key

A conventional hemp textile has great functional qualities but the appearance and hand characteristics are not suitable the contemporary fashion or textile market.

However, it is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers, is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, and has excellent thermo-regulating properties. It is also said it gets better with age, as it gets softer with each use.

Current market for textile materials is dominated by conventional cotton and a wide range of synthetic fibres. Conventional hemp is unfortunately not as soft as cotton, or as functional as petroleum-based polymer fibres.

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New materials for the future


By experimenting and devising a technique for cellulose regeneration of hemp stalk, we are planning to engineer new types of regenerated fibres for textile production. The prototypes of these experiments will be an assortment of innovative fabrics with exceptional technical and hand characteristics, that are still fully biodegradable and up-cyclable.

This innovative and sustainable process of crop cultivation and fabric production creates a notable selling proposition for the current market conditions, and we are planning to capitalize on these advantages by gradually building a vertical supply chain and entering the European B2B market for yarns and textiles.

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