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Reviving the tradition of organic hemp fabrics in the heart of Europe


A project for innovating the methods of cultivation, processing and production of hemp fabrics.


Industrial hemp is one of the most resource-efficient crops known to man, its cultivation has various benefits for soil and the surrounding environment, and has a wide variety of potential applications.

Even though hemp is known for its exceptional characteristics and potential for ecologically friendly apparel, it is too rough and rigid for it to be widely adopted by fashion and textile industry.

By experimentation and modification of the natural bast fibers we intent to create new innovative natural fabrics. 

The idea is to produce natural hemp fabrics that can compete with other conventional textile materials, being soft as cotton, or versatile as polyester.

The aim is to design a process of creating high-quality products, while regenerating the environment and empowering our communities.


The final product should be an union of sustainable agricultural practices, fair working conditions and functionality.

Our farm is situated in the East of Slovakia, near a place that is home to the primeval forest in Central Europe.

This natural gem is is being continually ransacked and pillaged for wood, even after the area has been authorized as a National Nature Reserve.

Not to mention the harmful and widespread monocultural cultivation of aptly named rapeseed crops. 

We would like to initiate the new wave of organic and sustainable agriculture, by spearheading agricultural practices, that would not only be harmless to the surrounding environment, but would also be able to gradually regenerate the landscape, and become the model for positive change.

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